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Oakland car accidents are commonplace. At one time or another, most drivers will be involved in a car accident and depending on the severity of the collision may suffer serious consequences. If you would like to talk to a lawyer about your case to find out what can be done to successfully resolve your insurance claim and any legal issues related to your accident, feel free to call our law offices at 800-670-8142. At Accident Lawyers, we represent clients involved in car accidents throughout the Oakland area, offering a free consultation to help get the process started.

It may seem that working with an Oakland car accident lawyer is not important, particularly if you were involved in a minor accident that caused minimal property damage alone. In cases that involve any level of physical injury, however, it is important to consider at least discussing the matter with a legal professional. It is also highly recommended that you seek medical attention even if you feel that you were not seriously injured. With car accident injuries in particular, the victim may have sustained some form of trauma to the neck or back and this injury may not present itself until hours or even days after the collision. A doctor can evaluate any injuries such as this to help ensure that the victim receives the medical care he or she needs.

Car Accident Injuries
Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with car accidents. Though it may be considered by some to be a relatively minor injury, it may lead to lasting pain and stiffness that affects one's ability to work or take part in normal activities. Some of the other injuries that may be experienced in a car accident include head trauma, spinal cord injuries, amputation or dismemberment, broken bones and damage to internal organs. The extent and type of injury that a victim sustains will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. The force of impact, location of impact on the vehicle, "crashworthiness" of the vehicle and the relative size of the vehicle versus the other vehicle or vehicles in the collision may all influence the extent of injury experienced. Whether the victim is wearing a seatbelt may also make a difference. Click here to read more about car accident injuries.

Financial Settlement for an Oakland Car Accident Claim

When an Oakland car accident attorney at our law firm takes on a new case, we work to assist our client in recovering the highest and most complete settlement or award possible, one that covers all medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and emotional damages that the car accident has caused. We accomplish this in several ways while handling our clients' insurance claims or lawsuits:

Working with professionals in accident reconstruction to make a thorough evaluation of exactly what caused the car accident and therefore who should be held responsible. Completely evaluate all aspects of your injuries and the accident itself to determine what your claim may be worth. Involving expert witnesses in medicine, economics, psychology, forensics and accident reconstruction to properly convey our case inside and outside of the courtroom, in regard to the value of the claim and who should be accountable.

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Oakland Car Accident Attorney

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