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Frequently Asked Questions: Oakland Car Accidents

Understanding more about a topic may empower an accident victim to make the right choices about his or her legal rights and options. If you would like to talk about an Oakland car accident that you or someone you know was involved in, we welcome you to call our offices for your free consultation with an experienced attorney. However, we have also included some frequently asked questions about this subject for your convenience:

What is my car accident case worth?
It is impossible to say what an individual car accident claim may be worth without a careful review of all the circumstances involved, including the extent of injuries sustained, the amount of damage to the vehicles, and more. To talk about what your case may be worth, contact an attorney at our law offices today.

If all I need to do is file my insurance claim, do I really need an attorney?
Reporting your accident to your insurance company is only a small part of all that may need to be dealt with in the wake of a car accident in Oakland. The insurance company may cover your initial medical expenses as your policy dictates, but what if you have questions about future coverage, what if the other driver is trying to blame you for the accident, or what if the settlement offered to you does not actually cover lost wages and all of your medical bills? An attorney can represent your interests to seek the full financial compensation you need.

What types of damages are covered by an Oakland car accident claim?
Depending on the case, the victim of a car accident may be able to recover money for medical expenses, future medical bills, emotional damages, property damage, lost wages and future loss of earnings.

Will I have to go to court if I work with a lawyer?
Most Oakland car accident claims are resolved outside of the courtroom, even when a lawyer gets involved. Chances are that your claim will be resolved through negotiation as well, but our firm has the resources and skill to take your case to civil court if this is best to seek the outcome you need.

What are some common causes of car accidents?
Car accidents have many different causes Some of the most common include different types of driver negligence, such as speeding, drunk driving or driving while distracted. Additional causes may include defective auto parts and poor road or weather conditions.

Contact an Oakland car accident lawyer at our firm today to get more answers to your frequently asked questions about this important topic.

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